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(March 17, 2017)

At the end of the month, Omaha City Clerk Buster Brown will retire after 32 years, 20 as the Clerk.  

Papillion City Clerk Elizabeth Butler will replace Brown. A City Council committee considered 49 applicants for the position before selecting Butler.  "This is an important position in city government with responsibility for management of all public records," said Council President Ben Gray. "Eliza is exceptionally well-qualified to serve the city and its citizens well into the future."  Council members Aimee Melton and Pete Festersen served with Gray on the hiring committee.

Butler has worked as the Papillion City Clerk since 2009.   

Brown's first job with the City of Omaha was assistant to the City Council in 1983.  Two years later he became Deputy City Clerk, and in 1997, the City Council named him City Clerk.

Mayor Jean Stothert has worked with Brown since she was elected to the Omaha City Council. "When I was a brand new city council member nearly eight years ago, someone told me, If you need help, information, or want a straight answer on anything, just ask Buster. That turned out to be great advice," said Mayor Stothert. "Buster has been an excellent steward of the public business. He has always set a high standard of fairness, respect, ethics, honor and transparency."

One of the Clerk's most public roles is to lead the weekly City Council meeting. "Buster is probably one of the few people at City Hall who can recite city code, quote the city charter and knows Roberts Rules of Order cover to cover," said Mayor Stothert.  "We will all miss him."

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