Who Do I Contact
Traffic Control

Traffic Sign

The City maintains thousands of traffic signs to help regulate and control traffic and parking.

Missing or damaged signs should be reported to the Public Works Traffic Division: 402-444-5160

Lane Striping

The City maintains lane stripes and other road surface markings. Opposing lanes are separated by yellow lane markers while lanes moving in the same direction are separated by white broken lane markers. The lane markers are either painted or a special tape is adhered to the pavement. As lane markers fade or wear away due to traffic, they must be replaced. The City has a scheduled program of striping and pavement marking.

For questions about lane striping, call: 402-444-5160

Street Light

Street lights illuminate public streets. They provide safer driving conditions at night. Lighting neighborhoods improves safety and personal security. City taxes cover the cost to operate the street light system. OPPD owns and maintains the lights.

Street light outages should be reported to OPPD: (800) 554-6773

For requests to install street lights, call: 402-444-5255

Traffic Signal

Omaha has an extensive and sophisticated network of traffic signals. The signals are designed and managed to optimize traffic flow and the safety of drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians. Malfunctioning signals and outages should be reported to the Public Works Traffic Division.

To report a traffic signal that isn't working, call: 402-444-5160

To report a traffic signal needs a timing adjustment, call: 402-444-5312

Speed Bump

Speed bumps (also called speed tables or speed humps) are installed where traffic is consistently faster than the posted speed limit. Citizens can request a speed bump and the City will investigate. If it is determined that excessive speeds exist and that a speed bump would control traffic speeds and site conditions allow the construction; the City will have the speed bump installed.

For questions about speed bumps, call: 402-444-4919