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Natural Habitats

Preserve, protect, and restore natural communities, ecosystems and their processes and habitat throughout the city and metropolitan area and provide for the needs of native species in balance with human habitation.


  1. Promote compact land use patterns integrated with conservation of natural habitats and natural aquatic systems to provide corridors for wildlife movement and protect the sustainability of natural biotic communities.
  2. Protect and restore important plant and wildlife communities when making land use and development decisions.
  3. Preserve and restore native plant communities as a valued community resource, as habitat for native biota, and as a means to maintain ecosystem processes.
  4. Prevent pollution, damage, and adverse changes to aquatic habitats; pursue and encourage restoration of natural hydrology and aquatic habitats.
  5. Minimize the impact of noise, lights, hazards, and other disturbances on wildlife in the design of infrastructure and development.
  6. Establish land management and maintenance practices to restore and sustain natural communities, habitats, and ecosystem processes.
  7. Provide appropriate and strategic access to natural areas for the community?s residents.
  8. Manage human and wildlife interaction to improve biodiversity and native species in the community.


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