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Traffic Signal Lighting Retrofit

The Omaha Traffic Signal Retrofit project will replace 12" incandescent signal lamps with 12" Light Emitting Diode (LED) lamps in intersections throughout Omaha.  This project will replace approximately half of the signal lamps currently eligible for replacement within the city.  The installation will be provided as a cost share by the Public Works Department. 

Traffic signals provide a unique type of light in our communities. The energy used by each color lamp varies based on wattage and the time the lamp is lit (i.e. the red light lasts longer than a yellow). Data from a report prepared for the DOE's Building Technologies Program, called "Energy Savings of Light Emitting Diodes in Lighting Applications", was utilized to estimate energy use and savings on this project. Based on this report, the wattage of 12" incandescent lamps range from 135 to 140 watts per lamp while the wattage for 12" LED lamps range from 7 to 13 watts per lamp. 

Utilization factors ranged from 55% for the red lamp to 3% for the yellow lamp in the Three-Colored Ball signal. Using this data and the electric utility's rate tables, signal lamps to be retrofitted were first prioritized to maximize energy and cost savings.

The top priorities included the red arrow lamp on a Three Arrow signal, the red and green lamps of Three-Colored Ball and Five Section Head signals, and the white walking figure/orange hand lights familiarly used in crosswalk signals. Procurement and installation for this project will take approximately 1 year.  

Please visit our PICTURE page to see an installation.

Status: Completed

By the end of October 2011, a cumulative of 384 intersections were retrofitted and 10869 units were installed.


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