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Program Oversight

The Energy Efficiency and Conservation Strategy Program Oversight provides overall program management for all projects funded by the City's EECBG. 

The City hired a Sustainability Coordinator to manage the program on September 8, 2009. The Sustainability Coordinator began by working on developing the EECS and other requirements of the grant application package. The Sustainability Coordinator will be responsible for overseeing grant project activities, including milestones, metrics, reporting, and technical support of project contacts. In addition, the Sustainability Coordinator will be building a comprehensive and integrated sustainability program for the City. 

The overall effort will include a public involvement and outreach component. The Sustainability Coordinator will host webinars open to the public. The theme of each webinar will cover activities funded under the EECBG and may include updates from community organizations, such as Earth Day, World Environment Day, and the Environment Element to the City's Master Plan.

For regular public reporting, a website will be developed to provide regular updates on grant activities and annual reports reviewing activities of the previous year will be published in 2011 and 2012. The EECS Project Oversight effort also includes funding to be applied toward the City's participation in sustainability-focused events, such as Expos and Conferences.

Status: In Progress


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